We are the Guardians of our own Mind

Positive mindset is something we need to feed ourselves with daily. It’s easy to think negative and hard to think positive. Why? Why is it so easy to think of different scenarios that are bad for us?

For me there is only one word that fits — fear. Since this is a guest post for us with alopecia, I take it as an example. It’s been very easy for me to feel fear, and it’s because I’ve been feeding my mind over a long period of time — even during the school years — and it’s not easy to make it go away, it’s a bad habit.

When I developed my first bald spot, fear was the only thing I had in my mind. My mindset was so bad that it affected my health, my well-being. The scenarios of what could happen next played over and over in my head, with very detailed pictures.

When I had gotten used to the idea that my hair would probably disappear, the next fear came… what if I lose my eyebrows and eyelashes? My face… my identity would disappear. I was stuck in all these “what if” scenarios. This is what most of us do, when one fear isn’t as strong anymore, another fear comes along. Anyone agree?

I’m not saying that mindset cures everything that happens to us, but it makes a big difference to both our health, mind and well-being.

Emma Eriksson has had alopecia for four years and would like to inspire others to "Embrace the World". Visit her blog at http://embraceworld.blogg.se/.

Emma Eriksson, from Sweden, has had alopecia for four years and would like to inspire others to “Embrace the World”. Visit her blog at http://embraceworld.blogg.se/.

When I started thinking that I might lose my eyebrows, I inspected them several times a day, every day. In the end, I found a small dot, and I thought to myself – THIS IS IT! IT’S HAPPENING! Now, it begins to fall, just as I suspected. This is what I fed my mind with daily. The fear became greater because my thoughts became reality.

A few weeks went by and my eyebrow began to disappear more and more. That’s  when I felt I had enough! I told myself I had to start thinking differently. Thoughts become reality if we believe in them enough and that’s what I felt happened to me.

I decided to stop worrying… stop thinking about it. Really difficult I know, but I had two options and I needed to choose which one to make. Either continue thinking with fear of what might happen or I must change my mindset and start thinking the opposite… which I did. Months passed and everything just stopped. I’ve been able to keep one of my eyebrows and now even 2 years later, I still have my eyebrow, with one now growing back. I was able to keep my eyelashes as well.

What I want to say with my story is that our thoughts play a big role in how our life looks and how we feed ourselves mentally.

I want to believe and I WILL believe that my change in mindset was a big part of the process.

We need positive energy in us… we need a strong positive mindset! It’s easier said than done… Believe me I know, but it works! Our mind has more influence on our body than we think. Instead of believing the worst, turn it around and believe in the absolute best scenario that could happen. Stick to it, no matter what happens. Feed your mind with positive things, whatever makes you happy. It’s good for your health, your mind, your well-being but most of all, your soul.

We are guardians of our own thoughts, so take care of them and keep going.

Read more of Emma’s blog posts at http://embraceworld.blogg.se/.

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