Stories of Success

Benefits of Support Groups

It’s scary to ride a roller-coaster by ourselves, we often want to have a friend or a group of friends to experience the ride with us. Experiencing alopecia can also be quite a roller-coaster and many of us go through the emotional ride all by ourselves with no support. When I started slowly but surely losing my hair 4 years ago, it became chaos in both my physical world but also in my mental world and I had no one to turn to — I was riding the roller-coaster all by myself. Read more…

Learning to Thrive Series: Laura Hathaway

Q&A session with one of our own fitness icons, Laura Hathaway! What an amazing story of courage and determination!

Q. When were you diagnosed with Alopecia?

December 2006…No previous history of Alopecia. For about 6 months before diagnosis I was not feeling well. Run down. Wrote it off as being a busy mom of two young active kids, opened a new family business, etc. Then I was getting my hair done. My hair dresser found a round dime size spot in the back of my hair. At first I thought to myself “ok, this is a sign to slow down” but then within a week it started raining hair… from everywhere and did not stop until it all fell out. I have had Alopecia Universalis for 9 years now. Read more…