Benefits of Support Groups

It’s scary to ride a roller-coaster by ourselves, we often want to have a friend or a group of friends to experience the ride with us. Experiencing alopecia can also be quite a roller-coaster and many of us go through the emotional ride all by ourselves with no support. When I started slowly but surely losing my hair 4 years ago, it became chaos in both my physical world but also in my mental world and I had no one to turn to — I was riding the roller-coaster all by myself.

roller-coasterI didn’t know at the time that there are support groups out there, not even the health center was interested in informing me about it. I thought I was all alone. It felt like I was riding the most frightful and highest roller-coaster in the world, ALL BY MYSELF!

When my dad committed suicide 3 years ago, I lost my best friend and half my support group, which consisted of my dad and my partner. I am today even more grateful for my partner because he has been that one person that has never left my side. He inspired me to accept and love myself again. When all is said and done, it was a choice only I could do. He has been my support from the beginning and ’til this day still supports me like no other!

We can find our support from our loved ones, like I did. Or from people we don’t really know but are going though the same emotional roller-coaster. If I’m going be honest with you today, I’m going to tell you my little secret that I think is the key to everything in life — the best support we can have comes from ourselves! You, the individual must find the strength to support YOU. It’s your life, nobody else is going to live YOUR life, it’s you who has to accept what is, accept what has happened, what is happening and most of all, what is going to happen. With that I mean, your future. What do you want your future to look like? feel like? Be like? With no regard of the past.

Of course we may need support from the outer world, just like I did. Support from friends and family, but what I’m trying to say is, it starts and ends with you, no one else. It’s so much fun to enjoy a roller-coaster ride with people who we care about and inspires us to be just the way we are.

Emma Eriksson, from Sweden, has had alopecia for four years and would like to inspire others to “Embrace the World”.

Emma Eriksson, from Sweden, has had alopecia for four years and would like to inspire others to “Embrace the World”.

There isn’t anything called a perfect person, in my opinion that must be a very boring person. We are all unique in our own way. I believe that we are here for the experience, the good and the bad the sadness and joy. I know how hard this must be for most of you and the difficulties we face everyday, especially in the beginning. But with all the support that is out there today like social media, local group gatherings, bigger events and most important of them all, the one that is right in front of us, inside us — the support we give ourselves.

So now that we have given ourselves a pat on the back for supporting ourselves! It’s time to look at some of the fantastic support groups we have out there from all over the world. They are actually really amazing and full of wonderful people that I wish I can meet in real life one day! Remember the roller coaster I’ve been talking about, it’s always more fun to ride it with people who support you, so here are some suggestions:

“We are guardians of our own minds. If you wish to accept and love yourself, DO IT!” – Emma Eriksson
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