Become a Fundraiser

The more funds we receive, the more we can do. Any money raised for World Alopecia Community helps us continue our work providing support, information and advice to anyone affected by any form of alopecia.

We are fully supportive of any individual or group who chooses to raise funds for our community. We can promote your fundraising efforts via social media and website. Fundraising ideas may include charity auctions and sales, collections and sponsored events.

Top Fundraising Tips:

  1. Keep your idea simple – often the simplest ideas are the most effective.
  2. Set yourself a fundraising target – this will help focus your efforts.
  3. Work out the costs – if there are any costs involved, investigate if anyone can help to cover those costs.
  4. Set up an online fundraising page.
  5. Ask friends and family for help – others are often happy to get involved with fundraising efforts, particularly if there is a close connection to the cause.
  6. Contact everyone you know – don’t just stick with family and friends, try to get neighbors, colleagues and local community involved.
  7. Publicize your event – use posters, social media (Facebook/Twitter), local press.
  8. ‘Matched Funding’ – if you have an employer, ask if they will ‘match funding.’ This is a simple way of getting extra funds for little effort – ask your Human Resources Manager.
  9. Keep in touch with World Alopecia Community – we may be able to help. We can help to promote your efforts on or social media and website and may be able to offer other advice.

If you have any questions concerning fundraising for World Alopecia Community, please contact us at

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