Alopecia: My Story

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3 Responses to Alopecia: My Story

  1. Shannon Tegan says:

    Marissa far from ugly first of all. Second of all. You seem to be handling this pretty well and from one alopecia to another you are stronger than I . I’m proud of you.

  2. Hemant says:

    hey marissa ,I know how it feels to be without hair because i am too suffering from alopecia totalis but for a girl it is so difficult to be social .My life has been the same as yours i also wear hats all the time but u look far more confident than me.U have overcomed your fear of getting out bald.We all know that how the people see us ,when they notice my problem they see like i am of different planet,that look just irritates me.Well i felt good after watching ur video .Thanks for sharing ur life.

  3. Alicia Cordido Garrido says:

    Marissa, you are a fucking WARRIOR!!!!!!!
    I thought I was alone in the mind-struggle-depression-thing
    I know realize I’m not alone,

    Please if you have a spanish sub version, I would be grateful to spread it down here.

    Your new friend from Venezuela,


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